The Eastern Mass Amateur Radio Group ECT Communications Team

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What We Are

First and foremost, EMARG ECT is not a radio club. It's a 100% volunteer communications / public service organization made up of licensed Amateur Radio operators, EMT's, Paramedics and First Aid providers. We maintain and utilize a state of the art communications command post trailer, equipped with mobile radio equipment, which we use to provide interoperable communications between our own members, event organizers, and other event volunteers. In addition to providing support communications, we are also able to provide non-licensed service radios to event organizers and volunteers that bridge their communications to and from EMARG ECT volunteers by way of net control operators.

In addition to providing our core expertise in communications, we are also able to provide basic First Aid and CPR under the supervision of one of our own Paramedics or EMT's who serve as our medical lead for each event we are involved with. we are well positioned to provide advanced communication capabilities to community CERT and EMA organizations, search and rescue teams, and any other municipal group that could benefit from our services.

How We Do It

Many of the events we support are road races, biathlons and triathlons. To maximize our human resources, we provide what we call mobile-SAG (Support and Gear) where we have our members drive along the route with their own marked vehicles equipped with street legal caution lighting. We utilize local area Amateur Radio repeaters to provide information to and from the event coordinators. We are also able to assist event participants who are experiencing problems by providing First Aid or transportation back to the event staging areas. In the event of a serious injury, we are able to notify first responders and stay with the participant until professional help arrives. For smaller events such as trail races, we are able to provide stationary SAG by positioning ourselves along the route and provide communications either through Amateur Radio repeaters or Amateur Radio simplex, and when necessary provide First Aid through coordination with our medial lead.

What Do You Need

Ideally, a valid Amateur Radio license and a hand held 2 meter portable radio. We can provide a radio if you don't have one. For mobile-SAG, a vehicle with a mobile 2 meter radio. Again, we can provide you with a loaner radio and mag mount antenna if needed. We will provide all First-Aid supplies. It is also helpful to have your First Aid and CPR certifications which if you don't have we can help you get. Finally, since we do occasionally coordinate with first responders, a basic understanding of ICS is desirable. The FEMA and MEMA websites have all the online courses to accomplish this.

How Much Does it Cost to Join

Zero. If you are an active member (5 or more events throughout the year), you will receive EMARG Communications Team branded apparel and gear.

How Do I Join

Hit the Big Green Button and fill out an application