The 4400: Season 3
USA Network (2006)
TV Series  /  Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
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IMDB   7.3
560 mins USA / English
Digital    US - TV-PG
Patrick Flueger Shawn Farrell
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali Richard Tyler
Joel Gretsch Tom Baldwin
Jacqueline McKenzie Diana Skouris
Karina Lombard Alana Mareva
Conchita Campbell Maia Rutledge Skouris
Samantha Ferris Nina Jarvis
Megalyn Echikunwoke Isabelle Tyler
Richard Kahan Marco Pacella
Jody Thompson Devon
Kavan Smith Jed Garrity
Peter Coyote Dennis Ryland
Jeffrey Combs Kevin Burkhoff
Natasha Gregson Wagner April Skouris
Garret Dillahunt Matthew Ross
Scott Peters
Nick Copus
Producer Ira Steven Behr
Bruce Miller
Writer Scott Peters
René Echevarria
Cinematography Tony Westman
Musician John Van Tongeren
Claude Foisy

The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 abductees after they are returned to earth. In the words of the executive producers, these are stories of people dealing with traumatic changes, driven by the mystery of what happened and why. Some of them have been affected in mysterious ways, and some will have certain abilities, both good and bad, so part of the drama will be watching them adjust to these changes within themselves. The series kicks off with a ball of light sailing toward Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades but none has aged a day.
    Seen it: Yes    6/3/2006  1.  Unlocking the Secrets
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    6/11/2006  2.  The New World (1)
Ryland and other government officials are on trial for withholding vital information that they discovered about the returnees when a disturbing sound is heard the courtroom. Tom and Diana, with the help of Gary Navarro, try and track down T.J Kim, who they believe is responsible for the piercing sound heard in the courtroom. Richard and Lily are forced to deal with a now grown Isabelle While Lily also suffers from a rapid aging disease that Shawn is unable to heal. Tom and Diana also investigate a radical organisation called the Nova Group that appears to have ties with Shawn and the 4400 Center.
Director:  Vincent Misiano  Writer:  Frederick Rappaport  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Peter Bryant, Matthew Gray, Jocelyn Loewen, Andrew Kavadas,  Ian Tracey, Leanne Adachi, Fred Henderson,  Sharif Atkins, Tippi Hedren
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    6/11/2006  3.  The New World (2)
Gary Navarro is arrested for the second attempt to assassinate Dennis Ryland. Knowing she is the key to her mother's survival, Isabelle attempts to kill herself by jumping off the 4400 center building only to survive without a scratch. Matthew Ross expresses his displeasure at her actions and tells her of the destiny she is to face. Isabelle is troubled about what Matthew told her, but after a discussion with Shawn she decides it's her choice with what she does with her life. Matthew gives Isabelle a substance that can kill her if it's injected.
Director:  Vincent Misiano  Writer:  Frederick Rappaport  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Peter Coyote, Tippi Hedren,  Sharif AtkinsJeffrey Combs
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    6/18/2006  4.  Being Tom Baldwin
Tom is accused of murdering TJ Kim. 17 year old Boyd Gelder has the ability to change his appearance whenever he chooses. Meanwhile, Shawn and Isabelle grow closer.
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  James Morris  / Shintaro Shimosawa 
Guest starring:  Leanne Adachi,  Barbara Tyson, Mike Power, Sean Marquette, Cameron McDonald
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    6/25/2006  5.  Gone (1)
Someone is targeting young 4400's and Maia gets kidnapped. A mistake from Shawn's past comes back to haunt him. Richard is given a position of authority at the 4400 Center.
Director:  Morgan Beggs  Writer:  Bruce Miller 
Guest starring:  Alice Krige, Kathryn Gordon, Sophie Barnett,  Cainan WiebeAlexia Fast, Matthew Gray, Julia Tortolano
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    7/2/2006  6.  Gone (2)
Tom and Diana continue to investigate the disappearance of the 4400 children. Isabelle and Shawn's relationship becomes public.
Director:  Scott Peters  Writer:  Darcy Meyers 
Guest starring:  Sophie Barnett,  Cainan WiebeAlexia Fast, Matthew Gray, Julian Christopher,  Kevin McNultyAlice KrigeIan TraceyJonathan Holmes
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    7/9/2006  7.  Graduation Day
Isabelle seeks revenge on the Nova Group after they attack Shawn. Alana confronts the man responsible for killing her husband and son in a car accident nine years ago.
Director:  Aaron Lipstadt  Writer:  Craig Sweeny 
Guest starring:  Kurt FullerErica Carroll, Emilio Salituro, Deni De Lory, Danny Dorosh, Ulla Friis, Julia Tortolano,  Rob LaBelleIan Tracey, Carter Jenkins
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    7/16/2006  8.  The Home Front
With the help of Dennis Ryland, NTAC track down the remining members of the NOVA group. Nikki pays Shawn a visit.
Director:  Nick Copus  Writer:  Craig Sweeny  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Julia Tortolano, Hilary Strang,  Sharif AtkinsBrooke Nevin, Aaron Craven, Lloyd Adams, David Mackay, Kathryn Gordon
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    7/23/2006  9.  Blink
Tom and Diana are drugged with a hallucinogen, that was created from oil that was secreted from the hands of a 4400.
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Amy Berg  / Andrew Colville 
Guest starring:  Matt Anderson, Reynaldo Rosales, Paul Belsito, Adam Battrick, Mercedes De La Zerda, Nancy Sivak, Christopher Kennedy,  Brian Dennehy, John Prowse, Aili Storen,  Richard KahanChilton Crane, Linda Darlow
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    7/30/2006  10.  The Ballad of Kevin and Tess
Kevin Burkoff becomes a marked man when his research on promicin is discovered. When Tom and Diana search for him, they discover how far he will go to protect his work. Shawn meets his idol at the 4400 Center.
Director:  Scott Peters  Writer:  Craig Sweeny  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Erin Borgfjord, David Milchard, Conrad Burek, Grace Sherman, Brandy Heidrick, Danielle Kremeniuk, Nancy Sivak, Michael Kopsa,  Richard Kahan, Neil Hopkins, Kathryn Gordon
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    8/6/2006  11.  The Starzl Mutation
Tom and Diana's investigation into a series of gruesome murders leads them to uncover another conspiracy within the government. At the 4400 Center, Shawn receives a gift from another returnee that allows him to see his future.
Director:  Allison Liddi  Writer:  Amy Berg  /  Craig Sweeny 
Guest starring:  Chilton CraneYee Jee Tso, Philip Lyall,  Brian George, Yurij Kis, Malcolm Scott, Gardiner Miller, Daniel Arnold, Darcy Cadman, Donna Yamamoto, Randal Edwards, Jamie Martz,  J. August RichardsKaj-Erik Eriksen, Ken Camroux
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    8/13/2006  12.  The Gospel According to Collier
NTAC and the 4400 Center work together to find Jordan Collier. Kyle Baldwin gets a surprising visitor at the state prison.
Director:  Frederick E.O. Toye  / Frederick E.O Toye  Writer:  Craig Sweeny  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Bill Campbell,  Chilton CraneChad FaustJody ThompsonNatasha Gregson Wagner, Brennan Elliott, Tom McBeath,  Jill MorrisonJudith MaxieKavan Smith
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    8/20/2006  13.  Terrible Swift Sword
NOVA group members that were in the custody of NTAC escape from jail with outside help from Jordan Collier. Diana tells April about her relationship with Ben. Shawn and Richard learn that Isabelle is working with Dennis Ryland.
Director:  Scott Peters  Writer:  Bruce Miller  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Jody Thompson, Bill Campbell, Sean Marquette,  Natasha Gregson Wagner, Brennan Elliott,  Kavan SmithChad Faust, Tanya Hubbard, Cameron Park, Sean Pratt, Mark Brandon, Patricia Nudd, Chris Davis, Stephen Powell, Michael Daingerfield
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    8/27/2006  14.  Fifty-Fifty
Tom and Diana continue their investigation on Jordan Collier's plan for mankind. Dennis Ryland rejoins NTAC. Isabelle prepares for battle.
Director:  Nick Copus  Writer:  Craig Sweeny  / Ira Steven Behr 
Guest starring:  Sean Marquette, Brennan Elliott,  Natasha Gregson WagnerPeter CoyoteKavan SmithRichard Kahan, Bill Campbell,  Jody ThompsonChad Faust
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